Microsoft’s Bing steals Google’s search results

A few days ago, Google accused Microsoft of stealing search results and using them in its own search engine, Bing. And Microsoft denied it. But, yesterday, Google published an article on its blog which explains how Microsoft’s Bing is stealing the search results. First, Google found out that Bing returned the same results for an … Lire la suite

6 choses à savoir sur le Twitter nouveau

Eh oui ! Le Twitter nouveau est arrivé, et en trombe.

Welcome / Bienvenue

Hi everybody, and welcome to ‘The Speechful blog‘ ! Salut tout le monde, et bienvenue sur ‘The Speechful blog‘ ! So, this is my first real post as a blogger, and I’m very pleased about that ! Through this blog, I will try to share with you some topics about Marketing, Internet, New Technologies and … Lire la suite