The most complete guide to finding the best time to Tweet

Le guide le plus complet pour trouver LE meilleur moment pour publier sur #Twitter & #Facebook #SocialMedia #yoo #v This new research from diagrams when tweets with links get the most traffic/clicks (Times are EST). The darker the color, the more traffic… [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at Publicités

Facebook Will Hit One Billion Users Any Day Now (FB)

#Facebook Will Hit One Billion Users Any Day Now #SocialMedia #yoo #v Employees are already throwing that magic number around the office, but they’re surely rounding up. More and more of its users access Facebook on… [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

Instagram Brand Adoption Study

How Top Brands are using #Instagram #Etude #yoo #v Simply Measured’s Instagram study looks at what the Interbrand Top 100 brands are doing to engage consumers using Instagram. It includes the brands… [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

2012 Social Network Analysis Report – Demographic – Geographic and…

2012 Social Network Analysis Report by @ignitesma #SocialMedia #yoo #v 2011 marked the second year in which many social networks started to wane as social network saturation kicked in. The questions remains, how many… [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

This Infographic Shows Why Google+ Is a Ghost Town

This #Infographic shows the low activity on Google+ compared to other social networks #yoo #v An infographic details that Google+ has low activity compared to other networks. [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

Wikia: The largest social network you’ve never heard of

Wikia : le plus grand réseau social dont vous n’ayez jamais entendu parler #SocialMedia #yoo #v Everybody’s heard of and uses Wikipedia, but what about the for-profit company founded by Wikipedia’s own Jimmy Wales? Wikia is one of the biggest… [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

Bingo! Facebook Gambles On Games Using Real Money, Not Credits, To…

Facebook teste la monnaie réelle dans le #SocialGame au UK #yoo #v For the last three quarters, Facebook has been struggling to move the needle on its payments business, but today a new game has launched that could… [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

Amazon Launches Game Studio, Gives Zynga Competition

Amazon is in the (Social) Game and gives Zynga some competition #Facebook #yoo #v Amazon is entering the social gaming market, with the debut of its new department, Amazon Game Studios. [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

The Social Media ROI Cookbook

The Social Media ROI Cookbook by #Altimeter #yoo #v Today, customers move constantly between the online and offline worlds, using a range of devices — such as smartphones and tablets — that didn’t… [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Fake

83 millions de comptes Facebook sont #Fake, soit 8,7% de faux profils #yoo #v Some 83 million Facebook accounts are fake, the company disclosed this week. [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at